Bourne to Blog Update

Published: 2022-01-25 | Last Updated: 2022-01-25 | ~1 Minute Read

Bourne to Blog is 1.0!

I’m happy to announce that all the features I wanted to implement for Bourne to Blog are now complete and fully functional!

After a year and some odd months of working on and off on this project I have completed all the features that I initially planned to implement. To be honest I added a few that I didn’t know I wanted as well, but I think they bring value overall.

With this and my continued use of the tool over time I’m calling the current state 1.0 aka stable!

I truly enjoyed creating this tool and learned a ton about several different Linux utilities in the process. So I think this is a win-win all around.

Next steps

I will continue to work on fixing bugs and improving the script, however I doubt that new features will be added to the core script, unless I missed something. :p

Now that Bourne to Blog is in a more stable state maybe I will have a bit more time to work on the tracking tool I recently started.

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